First, we work with you to determine how much linen you use in a week. Your inventory level of each item is based on that number, multiplied by a factor to account for the number of days we will be delivering to your business. We always figure in a small amount of “float” to cover unexpected parties or extremely busy nights.

If you need extra linen for a special event, simply call our office and we’ll send the extra linen (or One Time Only order – OTO) on your next delivery. Our Route Service Representative will pick up the soiled OTO on your next scheduled delivery. You can read more about our OTO Procedure in your linen manual.

We carry a wide selection of colored napkins and tablecloths for your special events. Please consult our table linen matrix, which lists all sizes and colors available. If you don’t see something you want, please ask!

We work on a “delayed even exchange” system. Whatever soiled linen we pick up on one day is counted and returned to you ready for use on the same day the following week. This system keeps a stable inventory of linen on your shelves all the time.

No! We work on an as-used billing system with minimum inventories. We will never charge you for 100% of your inventory. That system is unfair to you because you cannot use what is not in your possession!

All of our garments are billed on a flat-rate basis. Every week, we leave you a pickup receipt so that you know how many garments to expect on your next garment delivery. As with table linen inventories, we never bill you for 100% of your garment inventory.

We have a repair system that works! On every soiled garment locker you will find instructions telling you how to tag a garment for repair work. Your garment will be repaired or replaced as necessary and returned on your next delivery.

If you experience the need for an emergency delivery over the weekend, simply dial our office number. One member of our Customer Service Team is “on call” every weekend.

If you have a question about your invoice or statement, you may ask your Route Service Representative or call our office directly at (607) 756-7112. We are pleased to help you


The Word on Ames Linen

  • Brandi Gough, General Manager - Bellevue Country Club Ames Linen is definitely superior to any other linen/textile company I have ever done business with. Their customer service always exceeds our expectations! As the company has grown over the past few years, selections, quality and quantity have also grown! I would highly recommend Ames Linen for all of your textile needs.

  • Marty Galanti, Director of Food and Beverage - The Century Club Ames Linen have been great to work with. The quality of the product and the people have been first rate. Attentive to our every need at a moments notice, having been in the hospitality business for over 20 years I can easily they're the best I've ever encountered.

The Ames Linen Promise: We'll give you our best and guarantee it.

Ames Linen strives for 100% customer satisfaction. That means our products and customer service are the best they can be. We appreciate your business, so we'll credit any item you deem unacceptable.